To prepare for football season, players are required to do “daily doubles.” They work out twice daily to condition their bodies and minds for the season ahead. It is grueling; taxing the body beyond measure and the mind is stretched to its limits. Why would someone do this to themselves you might ask? The payoff comes when the season begins and they’re able to perform at their very best.

What if we Christians prepared as rigorously for the season of spiritual warfare ahead? What if we prepared our minds, hearts and lifestyles for a season of ministry that would glorify God because we chose to engage at the highest level?

You're invited to stretch your Christianity to its limits, to leave your comfort zone and engage yourself in practicing Christianity in a challenging way. Take the 30-day Practical Christianity Challenge and see God do great things in your Christianity. It will be grueling and taxing, but it will be extremely rewarding and we will hand the enemy of our souls a huge defeat this season.

This challenge has 10 practical components. Five of the ten you're encouraged to practice twice daily, “daily doubles,” and they will be marked in parenthesis with "morning & evening." The first seven components should be done every day and the remaining three components should be completed at least once during the 30-day challenge. Upon completion of this challenge, we will experience spiritual growth personally and greater fruit collectively as the Body of Christ!


  1. Pray every day (morning & evening) for five people who need Jesus.
  2. Pray every day (morning & evening) for Salem Evangelical Church.
  3. Pray every day (morning & evening) for a new family you will invite to church in September.
  4. Pray every day (morning & evening) for a family who has stopped attending church and is not connected with another church, that you will invite to church in September.
  5. Pray every day about how you might give a one-time financial gift to something or someone.
  6. Encourage at least one Christian every day.
  7. Read through Proverbs (one chapter per day).
  8. Have a meal with one family in the church you have never had a meal with before.
  9. Read one book, article, or something about revival or spiritual renewal.
  10. Memorize at least one verse during the 30 days (practice morning & evening).