Mission Agency: World Gospel Mission (WGM)

Country: Uganda

Email: jeff.stanfield@wgm.org

Blog: stanfieldblog.blogspot.com

Personal Info:

After 21 years of serving at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, God has directed us into a "new beginning", a  new situation in which he desires us to use the gifts he has given us to connect people to Jesus.

We serve in Uganda Africa with World Gospel Mission (WGM). Uganda is located on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. Neighboring countries include Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya. Uganda is strategically located for reaching neighboring countries with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Uganda and many of its neighbors are described as Christian nations. Although other religions are present, there are seemingly limitless opportunities to share God’s love. The people of these countries live with the realities of HIV/AIDS and other diseases, under-resourced education and healthcare systems with limited access, deaths of parents that leave orphans without resources, and too few churches with too few trained pastors to meet the myriad needs.

In following Christ’s invitation to join Him in accomplishing His purpose, we feel definitely directed to transition from serving at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya to serving in Uganda. We are called to be like Christ and to walk in obedience to Him so others can be connected to Him.

Our desire is to connect people to Jesus through the building of relationships. We are grateful to serve in Uganda with World Gospel Mission (WGM)

We are joining God’s work through WGM Uganda, participating in administrative responsibilities with WGM, the expansion of pastoral training, church ministries, compassionate and medical ministries, and children’s and youth ministries with Africa Gospel Church in Uganda. We are answering God’s call to train more Africans to reach their people with the truth.