Mission Agency: Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW)

Country: Mexico

Email: jdunn@biblicalministries.org

Blog: www.forhisglorythedunns.blogspot.com

Personal Info:

Josh & Heather Dunn, along with their two girls Grace (11) & Hattie (9), have lived in Guadalupe, Zacatecas in central Mexico since March of 2012, and work as Church planters with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Less than 1% of the population of Zacatecas would describe themselves as Evangelical Christians, so there is huge opportunity.

The focus of their ministry is on Evangelism; winning men to Christ and Discipleship; training them to be leaders in the local Church. Their goal is to develop a group of cell Churches, strategically placed throughout the city, that would come together to form a larger unified body when Biblically qualified leadership is in place.

Josh has also taken on a role mentoring and assisting local pastors with Bible Institute training courses and preaching/teaching when needed. Building these relationships has proven to be an excellent opportunity as well to provide for basic needs of the pastors who all work full-time secular jobs, barely making ends meet, in addition to full-time pastoral work. Through various gifts from supporters they have been able to provide the pastors with Bibles and other Christian resources and curriculum for their ministry as well as help with personal building projects which include gaining access to running water and other basic necessities inside the home.

If you would like to make a donation to help purchase Bibles, Christian Resources or help support a project for a local pastor and his family please donate to the Dunn's "Church Project Fund" through Salem Evangelical Church or go to www.biblicalministries.org and go to "Support" and then "How to Support". Don't forget to mark "Church Project Fund". Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel!