For a recent birthday I received a book from a Christian friend "The Set Apart Woman," by Leslie Ludy. I was excited to dive in and read it, but as soon as I began reading I was deeply convicted.

Early in the book she writes,

Churches often assume that the world is rejecting Christianity today because we aren't enough like the culture...but the world isn't rejecting Christianity because we aren't enough like the culture. Rather, it's because we are too much like it. There is nothing different about our lives, nothing that proves we have found something bigger to live for than temporary pleasure, and certainly nothing that says we have found something worth dying for. We are pining after the same empty pursuits as non-believers are, enamored with the same celebrities, pre-occupied with the same reality TV shows, and obsessed with the same pro sports teams. Why should they want what we have when our lives are no different from theirs except for a few moral boundaries here and there?

Ouch! I dropped that book like it was on fire! But I also started thinking and asked myself, "Does my life look different to a non-believer and if so, how?" How do I celebrate the joys and blessings? How do I face the valleys? When the relationship splinters, or the diagnosis isn't what I want to receive, or when another receives something that I desperately wanted, how do my actions look different than the actions of those in the world?

Join us October 14, as we gather together and consider what it means to be "Set Apart for His Glory." You'll enjoy fellowship, worship, a catered lunch, and hear testimonies from Lisa Brown, Janet Street, and Pam VanVolkinburg. I pray you'll be challenged to ask yourself, "How am I reflecting the life I have in Christ to the world around me?"

Cindy Lenker , Event Coordinator


$25 Early Bird (registered by October 1)
$30 General Registration (registered after October 1)
Registration begins September 3. Register online or complete the registration form and return with payment to the registration table in the foyer by October 8.

Limited seating available.

Childcare not provided.

Questions? Contact Cindy Lenker: or 503-420-9213