His Homes is a reduced-rent housing program for single mothers and their children. The vision of His Homes began in 1996 with a desire to help women and children who were without housing; to feed them a hot meal once a week in our Activity Center, provide shelter for them on Friday and Saturday nights, and then have them join us for church on Sunday. The city denied the initial idea because of zoning issues, but from that effort our Food Box Ministry program began.

In 2015, we were presented with an opportunity to purchase a home in the neighborhood and ultimately began a renewed vision for His Homes. We were able to purchase the home, renovate it, and place our first family in the fall of 2015.

We keep the program going through generous giving so we can continue to buy homes in the neighborhood and offer them to families at a rate of $200/month. We encourage people to continue giving generously to the general budget, as we use surplus funds to purchase homes that come available. In addition to giving, as the program grows, we need volunteers who can maintain both the dwellings and landscaping needs of the homes. We also need volunteers who can assist as a liaison between the families and the church, to help meet other additional needs the families have.

Want to volunteer? Contact the church office.

His Homes House Guidelines

House Guidelines are a part of the overall Fixed Asset Partnership between owner, Governing Church Partner, and the Tenant Partner (renter). Tenant Partner has voluntarily applied to participate in this mission partnership. The Partnership is designed to encourage and support financial hope and stability through low cost affordable housing to the Tenant Partner and her family who desire a pathway for upward mobility. These guidelines, in collaboration with the Church Partner, are designed to encourage hope for the family unit, as a part of that pathway.


  1. Children living in the home are encouraged to be in school full time.


  1. On the honor system children are encouraged to read one hour a day outside of class and outside of assigned homework.


  1. School activities such as participation on sport teams will upon request by renter receive consideration for partial scholarships from the Church Partner, Salem Evangelical Church.


  1. The Activity Center of Salem Evangelical Church may be made available to the children of the renter with adult supervision by the parent to promote exercise and family time together. The schedule will be worked out in advance with the Church Partner’s representative.


  1. The home is to be occupied only by the renter and their children.


  1. Regular church attendance at the partnering church, Salem Evangelical Church, is encouraged. A person is encouraged to be an active part of a church family prior to renting from owner for at least 6 months.


  1. Family prayer is encouraged weekly.


  1. Renter is to be employed or seeking gainful employment. A signed statement by renter upon entering into the rental agreement will confirm full-time employment. If full-time work is lost the renter will immediately notify a designated representative of the Church Partner/owner of the change of employment and through collaboration with the Church Partner representative or other resource develop an immediate plan to find full-time employment.


  1. Children are encouraged to share in the chores in and around the home.


  1. Owner, free of charge, will provide a voluntary encourager (mentor) to help renter secure upward mobility to include planning ideas for future housing goals, educational goals, family goals, and personal needs.


  1. Owner will provide, free of charge, a financial planner to the renter guiding them and their family toward wise stewardship practices and financial stability by helping with general budgeting, planning, savings, and goal setting.