6:45pm - Fellowship & refreshments in the foyer

7:00pm Classes begin


Acts led by John Sills - Room 305

A comprehensive survey showing Acts as the historical hinge between the gospels and the New Testament letters. Acts details the budding Christian Movement from being a troublesome Jewish sect to becoming the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ. We see them taking the Good News in the languages of all people everywhere “unhindered!”

Fruitful Suffering: The Walk of Sorrow Rejoicing led by Dave Kenagy - Room 306

What’s your approach to suffering and how’s that working for you? Before your next health, financial, or relational crisis you might want to ask: What’s with the Bible’s repeated command that even the suffering and sorrowful “rejoice always?” Is God inviting believers to “put on a happy face” or can a follower of Jesus know genuine joy in the endless troubles of life? By considering the suffering of Joseph, Job, Samson, Esther, Mary, and Jesus Himself, we’ll explore the secret of being content in every circumstance with the “joy of the Lord” as our strength. Perhaps it’s time for you to understand exactly what God gives to those who suffer, and is there anyone who isn’t suffering today? For more information email Dave at dkenagy@willamette.edu.

God's Preservation of New Testament Scripture led by Dave Brownlee - Room 302

This course focuses on the authority, nature, and interpretation of Scripture. We will study Scripture as an ancient text, focusing on transmission, canonization, and the important issue of English translation. We will critically examine questions of inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of Scripture we use today, and why our Bible is the essential element to developing and sustaining our Christian beliefs as well as our daily walk with God.

Mapping Christianity in the USA led by Randy Butler - Sanctuary

Understanding post-modernism, the emerging church, the Emergent Village, and the emergent church from a Biblical perspective. We will study Scripture each week along with information on these societal movements in America which officially began in 1989. We will look at what they are and are not, answered with Scripture.

Psalm Treasures led by Harry Brown - Room 304

The Book of Psalms is quoted by more New Testament writers than any other book in Scripture. The words and imagery of these songs do not attempt a social, political, or even theological correctness; rather they teach us to come just as we are, to engage in “straight talk” with God, holding nothing back. Let’s go on an adventure in search of the nuggets in the Psalms to help us have a deeper walk and closer relationship with God.

Sermon on the Mount led by Mark McCracken - Room 303

The Sermon on the Mount is a collection of teachings credited to   Jesus, which emphasize His moral teaching found in Matthew 5-7. “The Sermon on the Mount” is probably the best known of Jesus’ teaching, though arguably it is the least understood, and certainly the least obeyed. Matthew’s gospel account is more extensive than the one in Luke; thus, will be the focus of our study.

Wonders of Creation led by Brian Humphreys - Hermanson Center

Come and marvel at God’s handiwork that disproves atheism and evolution. His existence is obvious everywhere in His creation to those who want to see it. Therefore, they have no excuse, according to Romans 1:20, for their unbelief.