Wednesdays, November 29-December 13

The magic of Christmas in not in presents, but in presence! Join us for our Christmas Mini-Series as we enjoy holiday treats, sing Christmas carols, and hear unique Christmas messages from pastors Randy Butler and Andy Sheldon.

Each evening begins at 6:45pm with Eden & Emely Beltran playing classical Christmas carols in the foyer. The message will begin at 7:00pm and will include topics like:

  • The Boys of Bethlehem
  • How Close Can you Get and Still Miss It All?
  • How to Have a Wonderful Life
  • The Seduction of Christmas
  • Christmas Lights
  • Has the Grinch Stolen Your Christmas?


Kids choir presents...

December 10 @ 6pm

A Star is Born follows a group of children preparing for a big Christmas television production. When Sophia the actress comes to play the role of Mary, the director and the other actors try to help her understand that the "star" of any Christmas production is Jesus Christ. The main lesson is to be humble and allow God to use you for His glory.

Childcare provided for children 3 and under.

Jesus, Light of the World

December 17 @ 6pm

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  That’s where it all started. God separated water from land, created animals and vegetation, and created light, separating it from the darkness. And in all these things God said it was good!  But when He created mankind He called us very good!  But it didn’t take any time at all for humanity to discover sin, introducing a new darkness - spiritual darkness.  God was prepared for this, too, and sent His only Son, Jesus to be the Light of the World! Jesus came to illuminate the darkness of our soul. He came to overcome the darkness.

Join us for an evening of radiant music as we reflect on "Jesus, Light of the World," presented by the SEC Adult Choir & Orchestra.

Childcare provided for children 5 and under.

Christmas Eve Services

Regular morning services @ 9:15am & 11:00am