Randy Butler, Senior Pastor

staff testRandy Butler grew up in the church since birth. He always wanted to be a preacher. As a child he was nicknamed by his family “Hallelujah Harry” whenever he could get an audience within his family to preach. While on the golf team in high school his coach nicknamed him “Preacher." His plans of being the first protestant monk changed in college when he met and married Joan Hatfield. Together they enjoy living in Keizer, Oregon and have raised two beautiful children: Kristi and son Kevin, who went home to be with the Lord in January 2003. While still loving to preach each week at Salem Evangelical Church, at age 46 Randy became a volunteer police chaplain, and received his DMin degree at age 48. Randy is the author of several books including Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant, Forecasting Temptation, and most recently, Gospel Grit.